In Celebration of Fathers Everywhere

Employees of Darby Scott with their fathers and childrenDarby Scott Employee Fathers and children Fathers and children of all agesIn Memoriam: Matthew Thompson Scott
July 5, 1965 - September 2, 1998

Things a father should teach you - keep off the dunes- do not litter -be honest-have integrity-never lie, cheat or steal and take time to hold the hand of the ones you love - live life fully and love deeply. The Scott of Darby Scott was the best Dad ever and a model of integrity...Kennedy handsome, smart and funny. The founding 'father' of this brand and label with Darby his wife. The son pictured is now 24 his second son now 21. M.T. Scott left this world far too soon and way too young (not long after this picture was taken and just prior to the birth of his second son) remember to cherish your memories and moments - life is short and sweet and bitter sometimes... but we never forget Dad. Always in our hearts.

Father holding hands with his toddler son