Inspired by the Masters

"visions of opulence and luxury"

In our eyes, the holiday season beckons rich colors, indulgent jewels, and, as always, impeccable style. Adopting this spirit, Darby Scott’s Fall/Winter advertising campaign was inspired by the moody, luxurious, highly detailed Dutch still life paintings that originated around the seventeenth century during the Dutch Golden Age.

17th Century Still Life Painting by Abraham van Beijeren


These still life paintings emphasized color and lighting which we mimicked in our renditions, using cherished Darby Scott designs, accented with hidden treasures, family heirlooms, and fresh fruits to create visions of opulence and luxury. 

Navy Darby Scott Iconic Necklace Handbag on hourglass

With each consecutive look at these Dutch paintings, the viewer discovers something new, which was something we tried to encapsulate in our campaign. Everything is subtly placed yet always intentional, meaning to pull you into the beauty of Darby Scott’s impeccable craftsmanship. From juicy pomegranates to antique silverware, our campaign sets the scene for a holiday season filled with health, wealth, and happiness. 

"the holiday season beckons rich colors, indulgent jewels..."

Collage of Abraham van Beijeren Painting & Darby Scott Jewelry

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