Spotlight On: The Mosaic Collection

In the blog series, “Spotlight On”, we highlight some of Darby Scott’s original styles that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Darby Scott Mosaic Cocktail Rings

Mosaic Rings

Darby Scott’s iconic eye for designing stone jewelry is perhaps best exemplified in her latest Mosaic Collection. Combining small pristine cuts of various gemstones and diamonds set in sterling silver and yellow gold, the Mosaic Collection mimics mosaic and stained glass artwork where the stones pick up exquisite color and light.

Darby Scott model in mosaic earrings

Garnet and Diamond 9-Stone Mosaic Earrings

The collection spans earrings, necklaces, and rings in an expansive variety of stones and sizes for every occasion and style. We encourage you to think outside the box with these pieces: try stacking two mosaic bands on the same finger for a bigger pop of color, or layer a 3-stone mosaic necklace with a sterling pendant for a delicate look. This collection has an easy-glamour feel that makes it easy to dress up or down for an everyday or occasional wear.

Darby Scott Malachite Mosaic Jewelry on model

Malachite Mosaic 3-Stone Earring and Cocktail Ring

Darby Scott Iolite Mosaic Earrings

Iolite and Diamond Mosaic 5-Stone Earring

Darby Scott mosaic rings and bracelets

Mosaic Rings and Bracelets

Darby Scott Model with Labradorite Mosaic Cocktail Ring

Labradorite Mosaic Cocktail Ring

Darby Scott Model in mosaic earrings

Sky Blue Topaz Mosaic Earrings