Darby Scott is dedicated to giving back to organizations locally and around the world through our Darby Scott Delivers Campaign. This is our ongoing and sustained commitment to the community and the world.

Because the need never ends - the giving never stops.

Now through our partnership with ShoppingGives, we are giving back to the community as part of our responsibility to society.  You are participating in the giving economy when you make a purchase. Your purchase has the power to make a positive impact.  

The causes matter to you, matter to us.  

This is why Darby Scott is donating 5% of your purchase and 10% of items purchased from The 'Vault' collection to the cause of your choice at no extra cost to you!  

Together we can make a difference. 

Want to create an even greater impact? Want to give back even more? Select an additional amount before check-out and we will send that extra donation to the cause of your choice too.  Again, we open our wallet - our purse to support your choice - your voice - at not extra cost to you.

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